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tv   [untitled]    June 2, 2012 3:00am-3:30am PDT

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leo cafferty. i'm with san francisco glen. we have 150 kids that pass through here and 150 kids waiting outside so we've opted to syndicate since it's time to go home and do the homework. i'll speak first. so, you know, in 1939 there was sand dunes and fields. there is an airam photograph overhead of what the fields look like in 1939. they've been there that long. there's been changes. we can call the birds newbies and the trees, but golden gate park is beautiful. it's probably 1,000 acres. we're talking about maybe i think six or seven acres that have been there. we spend $1 million on an e.i.r. while we're trying to turn turf to grass, $1 million of wasted money in my opinion.
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we have 20,000 kids that are playing soccer. 20,000 kids in the city. so the difference between field turf and grass, if you're playing on a yearly basis, you have -- if you play on a yearly basis you basically have, if you have three fields of grass, three big fields of grass versus one field of turf to get to equal playing time, how does that work? because you're playing on the turf -- [timing bell] >> all year round. you have to get three fields of grass. you would have to pay to put those fields together, millions of dominique rodgers-cromartie to put three fields of grass versus one field and that's a reality. and the reality is not -- there is not enough space in san francisco, not enough fields in san francisco. there's so many kids with so many different sports at different times of the year and we need to get fields.
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>> thank you, south africa. thank you very much. -- >> golden gate park has had -- president fong: thank you very much. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> my name is john mccormick. i'd just like to ask all you adults, parents, when you were a child have you ever gone to a child -- field and seen that? that's what it is. you can't go play in the soccer field because the fields are closed down. the fields are actually closed. i lived in san francisco, my -- played in beach chalet. i broke my leg in beach chalet playing. i've had four cart idgeage operations all from playing on grass fields. you go to sunset, it's artificial grass. it's not about the children that. out on a sunday morning,
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70-year-old men playing. they're not in -- not in a hospital, they're out there getting energy. this is about the whole community. it's not just about children. it's about adults, about everybody. everybody gets benefit out of these fields. the fields right now you can't play in them. three months of the year you can't play in them. it's a nine-foot fence. no children can get in to play. that's why the children are leaving san francisco i believe because of this. so the thing is, we are only talking about a small piece of golden gate park. not talking 25, 30 acres. you're talking about seven acres in a park. i'm an adufment i would not send my children out there. you can't even go out there, it's so dangerous. with the boards and the lights and everything. go out there, there's nobody out there because people are afraid to go out there. i beg of you, please approve this for all the children in san francisco and automatic the
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adults in san francisco who play soccer and play sports all year round. approve this because it will be good for the others. president fong: this is the last youth speaker, and then we'll go back to the cards, ok? >> thank you. my name is lisa and my son and husband are coming. my son is playing at beach chalet today. you may recognize me because i come and talk in front of you from time to time about the active recreation space in the city and i can see some smiles. this is another discussion about active recreation space, but i have two children who are soccer players in the city. and as a perspective you may not know about, when they play on teams in the city, there is not enough practice space. you have to apply with park and recreation to even get practice space. sometimes my son has practice space at one field and they get center field, someone else has
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right field. there is never enough recreation fields in the city. but when you are able to put turf on these fields you are able to provide something that they can play on so much more time than they can now. when we play at marina green, if there is a rain storm, there's three days none of the kids can play. we go out to geneva where there is already the astroturf fields. i'm p a soccer you really want to exercise and i see people of all ages played this wonderful game. this is an amazing game to play. i would encourage you to vote for something that gives us more active recreation space. it is a great idea and it is not publicly funded. president fong: have your names been called?
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>> i represent the san francisco soccer referees association. i want to emphasize its safety because safety is the most important thing. we have to close the fields, we have to put cones around the things that happen at beach chalet. we have a tournament this weekend. one field is unsafe and we cannot use it. we're talking about public safety. safety is the most important thing. as a referee, and we want to make sure that it is safe, fair, and fun. when i am at crocker, i see people running around the field because they do not have to worry about gopher holes. look for the gopher holes because i do not want you to turn an ankle. we will have a potential
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lawsuit. i want to voice my support and hopefully, you'll approve these very safe -- we're going to have a great time out there when this project goes through. >> good easing -- good evening. i am a fifth generation san franciscans. this joint commission needs to send a message to the board of supervisors for the stamp of approval for the recreation needs of san franciscans. there will be an appeal, a lawsuit. what i am asking you to do is take a look at what is in front of you tonight, which is the site -- which is the eir that you are certifying. the study in the eir does not to
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seek -- and that does not seem to be an unmitigated olfactory. -- factor. there is a lot of things that we have to put up with, being more environmentally responsible. one of those is that we will be using or recycled material, less water. why don't people like it? it will bring more people. i have heard we need natural grass. let me tell you what happened. bailout. siebel it looks like today. we're talking about -- go out there and see what that looks like today. we can spend this money. otherwise, you want to put grass out there. i guess we will have to allocate more money. we're firing teachers, firefighters. we will tell everybody, we have a gopher-free field out there.
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i find it the height of hypocrisy for people to stand up here and say that this is going to be something that will negatively impact us. we have a lot more important things to do. please send a message to the board that this project has your approval. the kids of san francisco it needed. thank you for your time. president fong: i am going to call some more names. [reading names]
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>> i am a 25-year resident of san francisco. i have a soccer aged son. you are seeing a lot of organization here. the soccer players are organizing, but don't assumnori. there are a lot of independent viewpoints. people that do oppose this project. the eir report does not adequately discussed the recreation and space element of the general plan. a lot of things have been mentioned. the general plan, that part of it, it emphasizes the natural character. everything else should be
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subordinate. all activities should be subordinate to that general plan and design. people are opposed to those lights. that is a big part of this project, a big part of the eir. this is all i have to say. it has been a long night. that is it. my wife and i feel very strongly about this project. we would consider leaving that neighborhood after 25 years if this project is approved. >> next speaker, please. >> i have been associated with the golden gate women's soccer league since 1985. i have played out all the fields we have spoken about.
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and the fields where we do have artificial turf. the number of people, both men and women, i would like to talk about adults. adults use those places after hours. we are limited on the space that we play. we can not hold tournaments before outside states to come to visit san francisco. san francisco and ultimate spot for visitors. we do not have good fields. we do not have sufficient fields close by so that people can enjoy the city. i understand all of the arguments that have been said about the environment, but we do need fields in the city. it is proved with the places like crocker that they are great. more and more people are planning a clunker. people are getting fed.
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art -- are planning longer. people are getting fit. i am excited by this proposal. it will give opportunities for children. nobody has mentioned obesity yet. i do hope your excitement is shared with me and that you approve this plan. thank you for your time. >> good evening. i am a san francisco resident. in december of 2011, i commented on inadequate eir. i oppose the project as it is currently planned. i made a number of comments about a compromise alternative. none of the comments i made at that time have been properly
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addressed in the 700-page response document. i have written objections to that. i would like to enter them into the record. i specifically objected to the fact that there is this false dichotomy between field at the beach chalet or an alternative. the response documents proposed to say that has already been addressed as part of the offsite alternative. that is absolutely not true. the compromise alternative that i have proposed talks about specific renovations to be beach chalet field to include a good soil structure, effective drainage, state of the arent irrigation -- state of the art irrigation. the offside alternative, as drafted by d.r. office, does not include that appeared to claim
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that one is the other is completely inadequate. this eir is completely inadequate. you should not certify it as this time. we can have great feelings for children in this city and also a great resource in -- we can have great field for children and the city and also a great resource in golden gate park. if you proceed, you were not fulfilling our responsibility as members of either commission. thank you for your time. it has been a long night, and we do appreciate your work. >> i am having a difficult time understanding how the planning commission can consider certifying the eir for the renovation of the beach chalet athletic fields. the eir is a blatantly biased. it's even includes basic errors of math.
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the current field covered 9.4 acres, but the total size would cover 11.2. in numerous places, the eir calls this an increase of 6%. it's it's actually 19%. -- it is actually 19%. what else have been missed? i fell the planning department's response to most of my comments to be inadequate. i am submitting additional comments today and they are all my own work. i also want to deviate from my written comments and say despite what many of the children told you, the evidence on injuries is clear. there is no difference in the number of injuries that kids sustained on artificial turf versus grass. there are different types of injuries. what is unknown is what the long-term injury rates is for
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kids who play on artificial turf. there have not been enough studies. i would ask you to take that into consideration despite everything you have heard. artificial turf and does require maintenance. it does require water. it requires water to cool it down. it requires chemicals to clean it. this is the truth of the matter and i hope you do your research. >> i am the executive vice president of the california soccer association. i am in favor of getting the artificial turf. i would like to commend the
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commission on your patience today. i would like to recruit each and every one of you to become the members of the california soccer association. you are the kind of people we need that have the right this position to be great coaches and leaders in our association. everybody is talking about artificial turf. a lot of people are talking. if we could get the three field out there, it would support rec and park. this is the best commission i have ever seen. i am a newcomer here. without any doubts, the best commission i have ever seen.
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you are so progressive and forward-looking and it is something that we really need. we have registered in san francisco for different adult leagues. these are all adults we're talking about. these are all the people but want to play after hours, when the lights should be there, ok? >> good evening. i am the conservation director with the golden gate audubon society. i am asking you to refuse to certify the eir. we believe the eir is very
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inadequate and represents another -- is very inadequate. we are losing -- because of ongoing conflicts with human activity in natural areas. i was going to talk about the specific plan. one of the things that has gone over tonight, is that we need more playing fields. there is a great demand for it. that is completely understandable. if you look at the history of golden gate park, there are always good reasons to develop the park. good reasons to do more and more there. that is why the general plan recognizes the value of golden gate park cost the western end. that is why the golden gate park master plan specifically says that the park -- it is expected
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that the plan will retain the integrity of the original design. the plan says all activities and features and facilities should respect the unique design and character of the park. the irs acknowledges the significance impact -- the eir acknowledges the significant impact on the part. this project removes it. it is not just the turf. it is the lights that fundamentally change the naturalistic character of the park. there is no way that the department or the commission can find that this maintains the naturalistic character of the park. please look for an alternative. there are good alternatives before you. president fong: thank you. [reading names]
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>> good evening, commissioners. we are the largest parks serving organization and the city with 55 years of experience. the parks alliance strongly supports this proposed project. we encourage the commission to approve the eir. the parks alliance believes this project will be -- will do significant public good.
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the project represents an uncommon opportunity to ameliorate the city's document a shortfall of available playing field recreational hours. the city has adopted synthetic turf standards that requiring recycle turf materials. with the implementation of storm water collection and testing requirements, the field would not contribute to degradation of ground water quality. the are also fines proposed lighting is unlikely to spillover the boundaries substantially enough to impact the surrounding neighborhoods. because weather conditions create on known variables, the alliance proposes that the city monetarist one state are installed. -- monetarist once they are installed.
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the parks alliance is aware of other recreation agencies that have addressed this question with creative funding mechanisms that pay for that sort of replacement. we encourage you to examine these funding models and if applicable, to adopt them. the beach chalet will provide a healthy recreation to thousands of children and adults for years to come. the parks alliant lent its strong support and urges you to approve this eir. in short, let's play some soccer. >> i am a former u.s. olympic coach. i am a soccer parent. i would like to echo the comments of many of the others about the social and health benefits of soccer.
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i have seen it over the years and it is astonishing. i would also like to reiterate the transformation that has occurred at crocker from a long series of grassy ruts to what has become a people's park in terms of its constant and positive views. i would like to say that the park itself is an artificial construct in its natural state, it is sand dunes. we made the park to serve the needs of the city. as i think the speakers have shown tonight, the needs of the city are for soccer fields. finally, i am a city kid myself and my daughter is a city kid. she wanted to go to practice and i told her, the boss is right -- the bus is down there. beach chalet is one of the
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easiest places to get to. it is a part of our overall -- i think that is a significant factor. i think the commissioners for their amazing patience and i support the project. president fong: thank you. >> i am a 33-year resident of the city and a father of three. this controversy is not about a dangerous chemicals and turf. if it were, i trust the opponents of this project would be supporting and protecting the health of thousands of players on the other fields. this is about money. this is about the city of san francisco, which is facing
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deficits, providing the most hours of recreational play with in its financial means. with that consideration, there is no alternative to approving this eir and going ahead with this project. grass fields are wonderful. there is a reason why all the pro teams use them. they have. maintenance budgets for them. municipalities and school districts all over the country are going to church because it provides the most hours of recreates -- going to turf because it provides the most hours of recreation for the lowest dollar. grass fields, if you had the money to maintain them, but not necessarily be closed and the rain. they would necessarily be closed for maintenance because you cannot use grass every day to the extent that the residents of the city will use it.
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it is impossible. please approve the eir. >> i am a project manager that works with and nonprofit agencies like the trust for public land, the neighborhood parks council. i hope strategic planning -- i helped strategic planning. i recently finished a playground in the mission. i have a letter from -- the authors of the master plan. douglas nelson wrote this letter. the rehabilitation of the soccer field with synthetic turf and lighting for extended use. because synthetic turf was not
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contemplated, there are no direct recommendations are policies that address synthetic turf. there are no specific conflicts between the master plan and the use of synthetic turf. lighting was not considered at the time because the grass fields cannot tolerate any additional use. potential future lighting was considered at the tennis courts. the synthetic turf was considered at the time of the master plan development, it is likely that soccer fields would have been included as a potential night use area. i would like to submit this. thank you very much. i am in support of this project. president fong: ok. [reading names]